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DYWADA Worldwide Co. Ltd 

We incorporated in Mauritius during 1950, over half a century later we have forged strong relationships with suppliers across the globe with an impressive network of over 500 F&B Retailers in Mauritius, Rodrigues and Madagascar.

Our focus on reliability and reliance has made us critical partners for the businesses we work with across the world who together contribute to our supply chain making us one of the largest importer and wholesalers in the country.

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A worldwide network;

Food, Beverages and Household Products.

Over our 50 years of operation we have become specialists in seafood and meat trade via Asia. However we also carefully select products from Europe, Africa and Australia. Together we are able to import over 400 different products which we supply to Restaurants, Supermarkets, wholesalers and convenience stores.


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Our Business Development Objectives:

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Exporting to Africa

Africa presents a huge opportunity not only to us as Mauritians in the Import and Export Sector but also as a growing economy with an ever increasing demand in products such as Fish, Rice and Pulses. We are currently exploring expansion in this area please get in touch if you believe you can help.

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Grow our distribution network of Retailers & Outlets

The growth of our network over the years has allowed us to stay competitive in the import and export industry. We have thrived over the better half of a decade in this Industry. Join us and benefit from our massive economies of scale.

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Source High Quality Products

Sourcing high quality products and satisfying growing and changing demands in our local markets has played a critical part in our growth as a company. We continue to encourage innovation by looking for new suppliers of what we believe are growing opportunities.

Years of Experience
Import and Distribution
Different Products
Food, Beverages and Household-Products
F&B Retailers and Outlets
Ranging from Supermarkets to Restaurants

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